Stock Brokering

Assetline Securities (Pvt) Ltd, now rebranded Almas Equities (Pvt) Ltd was recently acquired by Carlines Holdings Pvt Ltd – a fully owned subsidiary of the group. This milestone entry into the stockbrokering industry on the Colombo Stock Exchange leverages the groups expertise in financial markets and capacity to bring more participants to the market. Almas Equities, as a full-member of the CSE, is committed to shifting the saving dynamics of the population towards public equity investments, building sustainable portfolios that are resistant to the volatility of market cycles, political regimes and policy uncertainty. Our team of financial advisors are experts in financial planning and asset risk-management, helping our clients to optimize their wealth creation potential across several industries. Our parent company’s “skin-in-the-game” undoubtedly gives us the holistic approach to risk and portfolio management that we feel separates us from the industry.

Agility and robust-research are more crucial than ever amidst an uncertain local and global environment – Almas Equities provides solutions for retail investors as well as HNWI’s, local institutions and global funds to allocate capital effectively and gain access to high growth markets with a track record of sustained success. In the future we are planning to consider opportunities in cryptocurrency, dollar-exchange and foreign markets while paying attention to the increasing demand for REITS, gold and other commodity exchanges as well as sukuk investments.