Investments in the plantation and agricultural industry have served the Almas group well over decades and is still an area of significant value-creation potential. Spices, Rubber, Tea, Palm-Oil and Cinnamon products – amongst others – are highly demanded in global markets and often require entrepreneurial foresight to capture their fair value and leverage the significant real estate asset-base and capture added value from export markets and global commodity exchanges.


Almas owns a 16% stake in Malwatte Plantations Voting Shares and 45% of Non-Voting Shares. The company grows and exports premium quality produce from 22 Tea and Rubber estates around the country. More than 85% of income is from tea production and exports, with other revenue streams from rubber, coconut and other spices. Tea auction prices have increased drastically and are expected to maintain high prices for the coming quarters. We see a future in value-added export markets for non-tea products which have higher margins.

Global commodity prices are rising – we are paying particular attention to Palm Oil producers who are performing with high margins and experiencing high growth in volumes. Sri Lanka has ample resources to continue to package and deliver value at home and abroad.

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