Capital Markets

Almas Holdings

focuses on accumulating high quality businesses and investments, run by proven managers, with a potential for substantial wealth creation is the backbone of Almas Holdings and the major driving force of our success. Our team manages a diversified portfolio of major long term assets in markets and industries we have identified to be on the edge of game-changing growth. We manage risk continuously by taking a dynamic view of the equity market as a whole, with our fundamental and technical team of experts able to take advantage of opportunities that arise with changes in market sentiments.

Allocating capital is what we do best at Almas – guided by Imtiaz Buhardeen – to view markets with extreme rationality and focusing on value. Our internal processes pay homage to value investing and the blunt rationality embodied by Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham.This single-minded focus has brought us here with one of the largest equity market portfolios in the country, and we have identified the next businesses that will create generational wealth over the coming years.

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