Who We Are

Our strategy

is to focus on value positions in companies and industries at the forefront of transformative growth. The foundations of resilience and rational analysis – supported by our clear vision for capital market growth – have established us as a leading asset management company today.

Our portfolio has ridden the challenges of the last few years impressively and we are excited to face the future together with the public alongside. We foresee Almas playing an influential role in the paradigm shift in capital markets taking place in Sri Lanka, and we are evolving to take advantage of a vibrant market and an economy with significant opportunities for local businesses to capture value. Becoming a shareholder provides access to a curated portfolio of high-growth industries, a fully-fledged investment management team and the future investments that we can unlock for the next wave of exponential growth.

Our assets are managed actively by our team of investment, industry and finance professionals who take a dynamic view of capital allocation. ALMAS will publish its investment portfolio on a quarterly basis with full disclosure, giving the public full transparency into our operations, projects and partners.


Almas seeks to create sustainable value for shareholders with an ethical, agile and growth-focused approach to long-term asset management.  


To be a transformative force in the Sri Lankan capital markets and become the largest listed asset management firm in the country. 


A clear vision for the future forms the basis of all decision-making at Almas, which is complemented by agility in capital allocation to take advantage of the growth opportunities in the market.

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